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The Rose Litter

Arrival Date: February 12, 2014
Delivery Date: February 12, 2014
Rose Breed / Breed Type:  Hound / Pit Bull Mix
Puppy Breed / Breed Type: Hound / Pit / Golden Retriever?
Organization: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

2014-02-12 Rose and pups
Rose and pups soon after birth

Rose came to us very skinny and very pregnant on February 12, 2014.  Michelle V. in Grundy, VA discovered her as a stray and was feeding her, but she became concerned about Rose due to her advanced pregnancy and the record cold temperatures.  She contacted the Buchanan County Animal Shelter, who then worked with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue to bring her to Arlington.  She arrived at WOOFS! on February 12, and went into labor six hours later!  While a snowstorm raged outside, Rose had made it to a safe, warm place to deliver her puppies.

Rose was a sweetheart right from the beginning.  Even though she met us only hours earlier, she let us handle her and the puppies all throughout the delivery.  This allowed us to weigh and examine them as they each arrived.  She delivered ten lovely but very thin puppies, and nine survived and thrived.

Nursing the puppiesRose was extremely underweight from her time on the street and she was not producing enough milk for her puppies to survive. We bottle-fed the puppies every four hours and weighed them daily.  At the same time, we worked hard to fatten up the momma dog. After about two weeks, she was finally able to feed the babies on her own.

Rose and her puppies
Rose sleeping with her pups
Sleeping puppies
Sleeping puppy pile, five days old
Sleeping puppies

2014-04-11 Monica and pupsApril 11, 2014: Once our pups have their first set of shots, they come into the lobby so they can socialize with all of the people who come through the lobby.  Hard work, I know, but someone had to do it!  




Azalea 2014-04-28 Azalea




2014-02-12 Bamboo  Bamboo




Camellia  2014-04-28 Camellia



2014-02-12 Dahlia

Dahlia and Hawthorne
Dahlia and Hawthorne


Hawthorne Hawthorn and Rose



2014-02-12 Ivy



2014-02-12 Quince  2014-04-28 Quince



2014-02-12 Reed 2014-04-28 Reed


Violet (is now Minnie!)

2014-02-12 Violet  2014-04-28 Violet 



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