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Sunshine and Ray

Arrival Date: March 4, 2014
Sunshine Breed / Breed Type: Dachshund (Mix)
Ray Breed / Breed Type: Dachshund / Chihuahua
Organization: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

2014-03-07 Sunshine and Ray
Sunshine and Ray enjoy some cuddles

Sunshine and Ray came to stay with us in March of 2014.  Sunshine and newborn Ray had been discovered under a trailer during the cold winter of 2014.  

Puppies learn critical social skills from their littermates:  sharing space, taking turns, dealing with frustration.  Ray was a singleton puppy, but The Animal Welfare League of Arlington knew that we had another litter of puppies that was the same age as Ray. When Ray was four weeks old, we took him in so that we could integrate him with some foster siblings.  

Ray was frightened of his foster siblings at the beginning.  We brought him in while the other puppies were sleeping, and he would creep slowly over to sniff them -- then run away.  Before long he was romping and playing with all nine of them, and he was as feisty as any of them.  He bonded with Camellia, the largest female in the group, and they were often found curled up together.


IMG 1119
Spot the Chiweenie
among his foster siblings
"Hey, whatcha doing?"
2014-04 Georgie and Ray
Ray loves his friend, Georgie

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