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The Border Collie Litter

Arrival Date: March 29, 2014
Delivery Date: February 21, 2014
Breed / Breed Type: Border Collies
Organization: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

photo 3
Sleepy puppies
IMG 20140330 175844 960
The Border Collies lounging
with the Rose Litter

The Border Collies arrived at WOOFS! when they were five weeks old.  They had been seized by the local animal control and transported east to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington where they would have a better chance of adoption.

IMG 1264
Socialization outing
photo 1
Lunch time!



Collar color: Red, Female



Collar color: Pink, Female



Glimmer (is now Eva!)

Collar color: Purple, Female

UPDATE:  Eva lives with her family in Arlington.

Haymitch (is now Tad!)

Collar color: Green, Male

UPDATE:  Tad was adopted by an Arlington couple.  They've had two previous Border Collies so they know what they're getting into!


Collar color: Blue, Male


UPDATE:  Marvel was adopted by WOOFS! trainer Diane Sullenberger


Collar color: Brown with Roses, Female

UPDATE:  Primrose was adopted by WOOFS! owner Laura Sharkey and trainer Erica Pytlovany.


Collar color: Black, Male




Is one of these puppies yours now? Do you have updates, recent pictures, or your dog's new name? We would love to share - email us at info@woofsdogtraining.com!


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