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The Dutchie Litter

Arrival Date: July 30, 2013
Delivery Date: Mid-August 2013
Breed / Breed Type: Beagle Mixes
Organization: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

Dutchie and newborns
Dutchie rests with her newborn pups
Dutchie and Family
Dutchie and adoptive family
Dutchie and pups Dutchie and pups
Newly born Eating like the big dogs
Dutchie and pups
The pups get bigger


Baron (is now Napoleon!)

Collar color:  Blue male

Bishop (is still Bishop!)

Collar color:  Yellow male

Count (is now Gus!)

Collar color:  Green male


Collar color:  Red male


Collar color:  Turquoise male


Collar color:  Purple female


Collar color:  Pink female


Collar color:  Orange female


Is one of these puppies yours now? Do you have updates, recent pictures, or your dog's new name? We would love to share - email us at info@woofsdogtraining.com!


Rewards-Based Only

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