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The Trees Litter

Arrival Date: March 11, 2011
Delivery Date: February 4, 2011
Breed / Breed Type: Pit Bull Mixes
Organization:  Bully Paws

This adorable crew was left in a box on a shelter's doorstep.  Bully Paws took them in and they came to stay with us as fosters.

Puppy Tug of War

Resting Puppies Puppies Cypress and Siblings
Aspen & Buckwheat Exploring Cypress and siblings


Aspen (now Fiona!)


UPDATE: Fiona lives nearby with her pal Ginger and we get to see her regularly when she comes for boarding. We love that!


Buckwheat (is now Riley!)



UPDATE: Riley was adopted by a family from nearby Springfield. He still comes to day care regularly!  He is still a bundle of energy and we are so glad we get to watch him grow up.

UPDATE JUNE 2014: Riley's family adds: "Of course Riley had been vetted by one of our other dogs who was a WOOFS! regular. It is hard to believe he was the runt of the Trees Litter, as he is now happy, healthy, and hoppy (he can leap 6 feet straight into the air). Since we know Riley is also part Aussie Cattle Dog, we are not surprised by his brain, but we love watching it work. At 3, he has calmed down a bit and now has lots of people friends in the neighborhood. We are so happy WOOFS! helped us find our little boy in a tuxedo."

Siah and Riley

Riley Trouble Maker Riley 2013 Riley
Riley in his Trouble Maker shirt Riley Riley and Siah

Cypress (is now Panda!)


UPDATE MAY 2014:  Panda was adopted by our general manager, Cindy Serraino.  She got to grow up coming to WOOFS! regularly with Cindy.  Now she and her family live on the coast in Marina, California.  Lucky dog!
2013-06 Panda 2014-03 Panda 2013-05 Panda
Panda on the shore Panda and Cindy Panda and Courage

Oakley (still Oakley!)


UPDATE: Oakley now lives in Richmond.


Willow (now Asia!)

Willow Willow


UPDATE: Asia now lives in Maryland in a family with two girls to play with.



Is one of these puppies yours now? Do you have updates, recent pictures, or your dog's new name? We would love to share - email us at info@woofsdogtraining.com!




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