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Free Workshops at Your Dog's Friend

Your Dog's FriendWOOFS! owner Laura Sharkey and senior trainer Erica Pytlovany are scheduled for talks this fall at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville Maryland.  Come on out -- we'd see some of our familiar, friendly faces!

Dog Training Myths: the good, the bad and the ugly
Saturday, Sept 19, 2:00 – 4:00pm
Speaker: Laura Sharkey, KPA CTP

We all have questions about our dogs, but there is so much confusing advice out there. In this workshop, we will help you better understand and train your dog by clearing up some of the most popular dog myths. Come hear what research in dog cognition and behavior has to say. It may just change how you look at the dog(s) in your life.

Teaching Tricks to Soothe the Savage Beast
Saturday, Oct 3, 1:30 – 3:30pm

We often put animal training into two categories: serious training (like down, stay and heel) and fun training (like agility and tricks). To our dogs, these are all the same thing! Learn how you can use ‘silly’ tricks to help with aggressive behavior, anxiety, or other behavior challenges.
Speaker: Erica Pytlovany, KPA CTP

All workshops are free of charge but advance registration is requested.  Your Dog's Friend is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose goal is to help keep dogs out of shelters by educating and supporting their humans.



Rewards-Based Only

At WOOFS! we use only positive reinforcement training methods grounded in the latest canine behavioral science. This dog-friendly approach is endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists, the ASPCA, and every other reputable animal organization in the country.

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