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Agility Schedule Posted Nov 2016


The next agility schedule has been posted!

Please note the following changes to agility registration:  we are opening agility classes for registration tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct 12 at 7pm. We are NOT doing a random draw lottery this session. Instead we will allow current students to register first. This means that all current students will get first choice of the classes they want.

Tomorrow at 7 pm you will receive an email with a password to allow you to log in to a private web page to register. This "members only" registration will be open to you for two weeks. Registration will be public at noon on Wednesday, Oct 26.

If you are a current student and have not received this information as a direct email, please contact us at info@woofsdogtraining.com so we can make sure you're on the list for tomorrow.

We hope you will find this process to be easier than the draw, and we anticipate that everyone will be able to register for the classes they want.

Registration open to current students:  Weds Oct 12 @ 7pm
Registration open for all students:  Weds Oct 26 @ 12pm



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