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Schedule for Christmas and Winter Break 2016

The following schedule will be in effect for Christmas and the the winter holiday break:

*  BALLSTON DAYCARE is CLOSED from Friday, December 23rd through Sunday, January 1st.  We re-open on Monday, January 2nd.  Ballston dogs are welcome at Shirlington on the days that Shirlington is open for daycare.

*  SHIRLINGTON DAYCARE is on the following schedule. On days that daycare is closed, we are open 9:00am to 9:00pm for boarding pick up and drop off.

Friday, December 23
Saturday, December 24
Sunday, December 25
Monday, December 26
Tuesday, December 27
Wednesday, December 28
Thursday, December 29
Friday, December 30
Saturday, December 31
Sunday, January 1

*  There are NO CLASSES from Friday, December 23rd through Sunday, January 1st.  Classes resume as scheduled on Monday, January 2nd.

*  Puppy Party and Adolescent Playgroup will be CLOSED on Saturday, December 24th but will be OPEN on Saturday, December 31st.

*  Boarding is nearly full, make your reservations now!

Psst! Boarding dogs have ALL DAY PLAY 
even when daycare is closed!


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